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As soon as the groceries were put away, Becky went to her bedroom and laid on her bed thinking about what a hot thrill she had just gotten from her Dad. She closed her eyes and could almost feel his arm still around her, fondling her tit and that hard boner pushing tight against her butt. As Becky re-lived the event, she let her hand slide under her bikini and slightly rub her slit. It felt good, so she continued. She could hear her Mom and Dad talking and giggling in the kitchen. She thought: “I gave him that boner, not you…mom!” She felt a little pissed about it and went back to rubbing her pussy. She felt really turned on by her Daddy. She pictured herself getting out of the shower naked, and Daddy with a boner; imagining what it might feel like as it slid between the folds of her throbbing pussy.

Becky had to think of something that would get her some alone time with her Dad. She could ask him to take her to the Mall to buy some new outfits for college. Graduation was the next day, and she could also buy something sexy to wear when they go out to celebrate with a family dinner. She knew her Mom was busy doing something else and wouldn’t want to go with them. She put a tight pair of shorts and a halter top. She conveniently left off her bra. Dad was easy to convince, and Mom was happy to get them out of the house so she could get some of her pressing needs out of the way.
Becky and her Dad strolled casually through the Mall and looked at outfits through the shop windows. She held her Dad’s arm and hand like she would a boyfriend. Becky leaned against her Dad and rubbed her braless breast on his arm. She was aware of other men passing them in the Mall and slyly adjusting their cocks when they thought no one was watching. Occasionally Becky would check Dad’s crotch in the reflection of a shop window but saw no sign of a boner. She needed to take her teasing to a higher level.

They went into Victoria’s Secret and perused the sexy lingerie. He would show signs of arousal as he touched some of the lacy garments, but she felt she was getting nowhere, giving him a boner. However, he was instead making her hot. She snatched a few things from the rack and lugged him back to the dressing rooms. Dad settled in a chair outside the dressing room as Becky tried on a pair of lacy black crotchless panties and a matching black bra with a hole in each cup to allow her nipples to poke through. She examined herself in the mirror and then cracked the dressing door open a few inches and whispered, "Daddy, get in here. I want your opinion."

Dad glanced around the store to see if anyone was near and then said, “I can’t come in there, Sweetheart. We could get in lots of trouble.”

Becky clenched her teeth and growled, "Get you ass in here, Daddy! No one will see you, and it will only take a minute. I really want to know what you think of my selection."

Her Dad quickly glanced around the store again. There was no one near the dressing rooms. He hurriedly stepped inside and was stunned by what he saw standing before him. Her nipples were hard and protruding through the center of the lacy cups. His cock sprang to life in his shorts. He put his arm around her and rubbed her back up and down, before leaning forward and sucking a hard nipple into his mouth. She immediately got wet and flooded the panties! They would have to buy the outfit now or explain how the panties became soaked.
That turned out to be one of the many outfits that Daddy agreed to purchase for her that afternoon. He had to hold the packages in front of his crotch all the way back to their car. On the way home, Becky laid her head in his lap as he drove. She said she had a little headache. It didn’t take long for her to feel what she wanted. A slight boner on the side of her head. She started moving her head around to tease his cock. She stroked it with her hand through his shorts. It got bigger and harder. She tried to slide her hand up the leg of his shorts, but it was too tight for hand to reach his cock. He stopped the car in their driveway and noticed Mom’s car was gone. His fingers glided through her hair. Now she could really feel his boner throbbing and even feel the heat from it. He
xnxxwap.infoleaned down, softly kissed her on the cheek, and whispered in her ear, “I need to take you in the house and put you in your bed.”

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