2018-2019 Board

Lindsey Gorman, Chairman

Major(s)/Minor(s): Biological Sciences and Psychology / Chemistry and Neuroscience

Year: Senior

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Why I want to be a Doctor: I believe that a major part of being a physician is making sacrifices within your own life on behalf of your patients. At the end of the day, their lives are in your hands. You have to put everything on the line in order to save them. High risks, high rewards. There is something about working in a team all with different skills in order to have the best impact on the patient. In addition, medicine is one of the most interesting aspects of science. The human body is one of the most complex machines to investigate.

Medical speciality I’m interested in: Though I'm open to all specialities, I have high confidence I will be an OB/GYN someday. I've had the opportunity to work for Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC for the last two years as an Advanced-Patient Care Technician and have been able to be surrounded by women's health and birth. Pregnancy and reproduction is so complex and captivating to me.

Research:  I am currently working with the Magee Women's Research Institute focusing on the "Pathways" and mechanisms of pregnancy complications, specifically preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, and pre-term birth.

Extracurricular Activities: When I'm not at the hospital, I can often be found at the rink! I have been playing competitive hockey my entire life and currently play for ACHA D2 Pitt Women's Ice Hockey. I am also the President of PERIOD which is an organization that focuses on the collection and distribution of menstrual products for individuals in need. I also volunteer at Planned Parenthood as a clinic escort.


Anthony Zelina - Summit Director

Why I want to be a health care leader: Throughout my life, my family and I have experienced certain emergencies that require the direct attention of healthcare professionals. Personally facing medical emergencies has allowed me to understand the lasting impact that these professionals can have on their patients as well as their respective communities. While considering the positive impact that these healthcare professionals can have on a community, also consider the negative effect a professional in this role can impose. It is vital for each patient to receive the “best” treatment; holistic healthcare differs for each individual. I aim to funnel my passion in order to ensure that every individual that seeks my attention receives their “best” care. Providing the opportunity to improve a patient’s quality of life is a huge duty in our roles as future healthcare professionals, but the quality of care that our patients will receive is the true immeasurable feature of our awaiting professions.

Favorite thing at Pitt: The environment at The University of Pittsburgh has shaped me into a passionate student who values education more. Like at most universities, education is earned through hard work and dedication. However, there is another unique aspect to a Pitt Education—relationships. The relationships formed here on campus are invaluable. Whether the relationships are between peers, professors, university officials, or business professionals within the neighborhood of Oakland, each individual’s intentions are to help you prosper as a person. By creating a value system based on relationships rather than status, The University of Pittsburgh has generated a community which allows for the growth among all of its members despite one’s background or future endeavors.

Favorite quote: “A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” - Max Lucado

Research: I am currently involved in a research project where our group where our interest is in studying the quantitative analysis of publications within the field of neurosurgery.

What is your favorite Extracurricular Activity?: My favorite extracurricular activity whether I’m at home or school is to be active. That is a broad activity, but I enjoy going to the gym to workout, playing all sorts of sports with friends, snowboarding in the winter, and even going for a run. It allows me to step away from my school work to decompress while staying healthy.


Gabby Padovani - Operations Director

Major(s)/Minor(s): Microbiology, minor in Chemistry, certificate in Community Health Assessment

Year: Graduating 2019

Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania

Why I want to be a Public Health Researcher:

During a recent trip to Tanzania, I had the realization that health is affected by much more than an individual’s genes or behaviors. Total health reflects a delicate balance between individual, community and structural influencers that is often times out of the direct control of a specific person. I would love the opportunity to work with a variety of specialists in the healthcare field and community leaders to positively impact the health of people in underserved populations. I also think Public Health allows for the unique opportunity to travel the world and meet new people in order to facilitate sustainable change across cultures regarding people’s health and wellbeing.

Medical specialty I’m interested in: Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology

Research: I am currently working with the Center for Vaccine Research on a project that involves identifying the pathogenesis of SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) in non-human primates.

Extra-Curricular Activities: I am the internal VP of the pre-health sorority Rho Psi Eta. I love working with other like-minded students and fostering female empowerment in the STEM field!

Being interested in Public Health, I think it is critical for professionals in the health field to work together in order for the best outcome for the patient. Because health is the result of a variety of factors, including individual behavior, community and institutional elements it is extremely important to address all aspects of a person’s health. To do this, one must be open to discussing health on more than one level, which requires interprofessional collaboration.


David Nascari - Marketing Director

Major: Neuroscience and Art History / Chemistry and Italian

Year: Senior

Hometown: Phoenixville, PA

Favorite thing about Pitt: Spending a couple hours at the Carnegie Museum of Art when I’m stressed about school.

Why I want to be a physician-scientist: I love to learn and I can think of no better way to apply it than to help another human in a time of need. While I am wholeheartedly passionate about being a doctor, I want to complement it with a PhD. I’m particularly interested in the field of regenerative medicine, especially the extracellular matrix, and I believe that some of the greatest and most translatable medical breakthroughs of our time will come from the field. Ultimately, I hope the creativity and problem solving from my research will complement my career as a physician.

Medical specialty: For now I am interested in Ob/Gyn, with a specific focus on childbirth in the hospital setting. I am curious about life, as a biological and social concept, but also can think of no greater honor than to facilitate the start of a family.

Extracurriculars: I’m also the marketing director of the Pitt Italian club, and I’m a member of UPTV. I love to play tennis when I have the time, and music plays a big part in my life. I try to play even just a few minutes of guitar or bass before I go to sleep.

Research: I work in an extracellular matrix lab and work on two cancer projects. In my free time I spend time doing method development for my extracellular matrix applications in clinical settings. For example, I’m currently working on an ECM-based adhesive that acts as a biologically active Band-Aid.

Interprofessionalism means combining diverse backgrounds and skillsets to solve problems and come up with ideas that are otherwise unachievable. I think that innovation comes from combining different disciplines, which is why interprofessionalism is so important.


Kaushik Venkatesh - Finance Director

Major: Biology Major with Minor in Chemistry and Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine.

Year: Junior

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Why I want to be a doctor: Medicine is not simply a career, but a calling. It's a desire to serve others at their most vulnerable point with knowledge gained from years of training. I am excited to connect with and help people in the incredible dynamic between the doctor and patient.

Extracurriculars: Finance Director of CPHS, Director of AlderCare Non-profit, Director of Logistics for Project RISHI

Research: Stem cell applications to regenerative medicine.

Interprofessionalism to me means coming together from multiple disciplines to create productive and innovative solutions to problems we face.


Seana Gysling - Advocacy Director

Major: Biology and Economics

Year: Senior

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Why I want to be a dentist: I want to be a dentist because of the close relationships that dentists can get with their patients. I also love the ideas of working with all types of patient populations and seeing the immediate results that can be achieved in one visit.

Future Plans: Dentistry

Favorite thing at Pitt: Being in the city with so many things to do.

Research: Working in the Dental Public Health School and the Center for Patients with Special Needs to determine practice patterns of alumni and their tendency to treat individuals with Special Healthcare Needs.

Extracurricular Activity: I am involved with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania and working one of their literacy campaigns. Its been super exciting to talk to so many caring individuals in our community and excited to see much of an impact we can make.


Srujan Dadi - Chief of Staff

Major(s)/Minor(s): Bioengineering Major with Chem Minor

Year: Graduating 2020

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Why I want to be a bioengineer: Technology and Medicine are interacting in ways never seen before in beautiful, artistic ways.  This overlap is something that intrigues me and drives me to learn more and become involved in the rising era of biotechnology and bioengineering.

Research: Ovarian Tissue Regeneration - Aiming to help women who are infertile because of damaged ovarian tissue due to chemotherapy treatment recover fertility.

Extra-Curriculars: Chief of Staff of CPHS, Engineering School Design Advocate, X-Project Design Team Member, Founder and Developer of the "Kids Can Adaptive Learning Ball," Intramural Soccer and Volleyball, Milkshake Drinking

Interprofessionalism to me means bringing together the different realms of what we call "professions" to create art; whether this art be for team goals, scientific advancement, or development of audacious thoughts, it demonstrates the collaboration of masters in their respective arts to create new ideas that otherwise would have never been.