2017-2018 Board


From left to right:

Noah, Alexxa, Jan, Arnab, Lindsey, Jonathan

Jan A. Niec, Chairman

Email: jan.a.niec@pitt.edu

Phone: (732) 966-4067

Major: Economics

Year: Senior

Hometown: Jackson, NJ

Why I want to be a health care leader: After health emergencies in my family, I have witnessed failings in health care first-hand. But, I also saw a lot of good, passionate people working hard to help others. I want to be one of those people.  I will strive to make a positive impact on the health and lives of many individuals and communities through unique and innovative solutions that hold people and their families as the first priority, while also empowering health care professionals to do what they do best – providing excellent care for their patients.

Future Plans: Operations Leadership Program at Cigna (health services company)

Favorite thing at Pitt: Breakfast sandwiches and $1 coffee from the Porch… nothing better to start a morning!

Favorite quote: “The aim in life is not to avoid struggles, but to have the right ones; not to avoid worry, but to care about the right things; not to live without fear, but to confront worthy fears with force and passion.” – Eric Greitens

Research: Worked on an independent project at the Graduate School of Public Health looking at the way illness affect measures of decision making, namely impulsivity and risk aversion.

What is your favorite Extracurricular Activity?: Volunteering with the “Doo Crew” at UPMC Shadyside. We wash patients’ hair during their hospitalization after they’ve had surgery. Sometimes, they really open up and talk to us about their life, family, passions, or suffering. It’s humbling and inspiring to spend time with these patients while doing something for them that makes them happy.

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Jonathan Brennan, Advocacy Chair

Email: jonathanbrennan@pitt.edu

Major: Anthropology & Biological Sciences

Year: Senior

Hometown: Wayne, IL

Why I Want to be a Dentist: As a dentist, part of the job is building a personal relationship with each of your patients. Being someone who loves to talk, having the time to talk to each patient while also making them feel better about their smiles is something that has always attracted me to the job. Additionally, the work itself is very meticulous and hands on, which I find to be rewarding not only for me, but for those who I would be taking care of as everyone is getting very individualized care.

Favorite Thing at Pitt: All of the clubs and organizations are close-knit, so its easy to meet new people and friends.

Favorite Quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Research: Working on a fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on opioid prevention among children and adolescents.

Extracurricular Activities: Volunteering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team in Training. Team in Training competes in endurance events like triathlons, marathons, century rides, etc. while also raising money to donate to LLS. Everybody involved has so much positivity, and the survivors and their families have courageous stories that motivate and keep the momentum during endurance events.

Dental Specialties in Which I May Be Interested: Pediatric dentistry/Oral Surgery

Lindsey Gorman, PR Director

Email: lng37@pitt.edu

Major: Molecular Biology/Biochemistry & Psychology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why I Want to be a Doctor: I believe that a major part of being a physician is making sacrifices within your own life on behalf of your patients. At the end of the day, their lives are in your hands. You have to put everything on the line in order to save them. High risks, high rewards.

Favorite Thing at Pitt: Being able to live in a distinct neighborhood yet feel so connected to the city. I also love the medical environment we’re surrounded by.

Favorite Quote: “You are a child of the universe, no less than the tress and the stars. You have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata 

Research: I am currently working with the Magee Women’s Research Institute and a Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow on an AHA funded study focusing on the “Pathways” and mechanisms of pregnancy complications, mainly preeclampsia and pre-term births. I think it’s very different from traditional research – I am able to be in the labor and delivery suite at Magee talking with my patients as well as collecting and analyzing their data.

Extracurricular Activities: I am a Patient Care Technician in the Neonatal ICU at Magee Women’s Hospital. I also play for Pitt Women’s Ice Hockey. One of my favorite organizations that I am involved with is Planned Parenthood, I volunteer in the abortion recovery room as well as escort abortion clinic patients to their appointments.

Medical Specialties in Which I May Be Interested: I have full confidence I will be an OB/GYN someday.

Noah Krampe, Finance Director

Email: nak121@pitt.edu

Major: Biological Sciences and Economics

Year: Senior

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Why I want to be a doctor: As someone who had always seen medicine as a profession based in the sciences, I have come to realize that a physician must undertake many roles beyond the range of practice. As I go forward, I am motivated to pursue a career that allows me to use my knowledge to manage a patient’s health; but more importantly, I am motivated to use my role to develop valuable relationships with patients to treat them in a holistic sense. Working with patients to improve their lives, both in the hospital and in society, makes me believe that medicine will allow me to have the greatest impact on the community.

Specialties I’m considering: Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine

Favorite thing at Pitt: Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations. I have really enjoyed serving area non-profits in a variety of roles and SCNO has challenged me to think critically in a diverse array of fields. Additionally, meeting and working alongside students from many different majors and backgrounds has been equally fulfilling, engaging with students that I wouldn’t normally interact with in the classroom.

Favorite quote: “F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar

Research: Working on an independent project at the Center for Vaccine Research investigating the role of liver dysfunction in SIV/HIV Pathogenesis using non-human primate models.

What is your favorite Extracurricular Activity?: Connections4Health. As a member of C4H, I work with patients at the Birmingham Free Health Clinic to help them overcome socioeconomic disparities that they face like food insecurities, unemployment, and homelessness. Meeting with patients and helping them on their way to a healthier, and more sustainable life has been a profound experience for me.

Arnab Ray, Operations Director

Email: arr97@pitt.edu

Major: Molecular Biology

Year: Junior

Hometown: New York, NY

Why I Want to be a Doctor: Medicine is a fast-paced, ever-changing field. Progress is being made every single day by dedicated healthcare professionals all over the world, all in pursuit of better care for their fellow humans. It would be a privilege to have the chance to work with such individuals, day in and day out, in an emotionally charged, intellectually challenging, and ultimately fulfilling field. To be able to contribute something everyday as a part of a global healthcare community is a dream and a goal of mine.

Favorite Thing at Pitt: I cannot go more than a few days without a large Thai iced tea from Fuku Tea. The employees know my order the moment I step through the door. (The Asian Tea House in Schenley Park is a good substitute, in a pinch.)

Favorite Quote: “Life is beautiful, so long as it is consuming you. When it is rushing through you, destroying you, life is glorious. It is best to roar away, like a fire with a great draught, white-hot to the last bit. It’s when you burn a slow fire and save fuel that life’s not worth having.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Research: I am working on the molecular basis of pulmonary arterial hypertension under Dr. Elena Goncharova at Pitt Med’s Vascular Medicine Institute. Specifically, I am identifying and targeting potential therapeutic molecular targets, both in vitro and in rat and mice models.

Extracurricular Activities: I volunteer in the Hospital Elderly Life Program. Not only do I meet amazing people with interesting life stories, but I get to actively aid nurses and doctors in noting risk factors and the onset of iatrogenic delirium.

Medical Specialties in Which I May Be Interested: Medical students often say that the first major division they encounter in terms of choosing a medical specialty is between surgery and medicine. They say physicians look for medical diagnoses and treatments while surgeons search for physiological diagnoses and treatments. Although I am not sure of my future specialty, I know I want to be a physician, not a surgeon.